Perfect Chair “PC-500 Silhouette” Leather Zero Gravity Hand-Crafted Recliner

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4.4/5 on May 15, 2017

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4 reviews


  • Ergonomic Footrest, armrest, and lumbar support
  • Easy to control with one touch pads
  • Premium leather upholstery to add glamor to the room décor
  • Electric powered recliner


  • Does not have detachable headrest

A recliner is something that every home needs to have. For those who are never home, but spend a lot of time in their office, a Perfect Chair “PC-500 Silhouette” Premium full grain leather recliner is ideal. A quality zero gravity recliner like this is a necessity for those who suffer from backaches and chronic back ailments. This one is chestnut but also comes in other colors to suit any home decor.

This ‘Perfect Chair’ aka recliner is made by using 100% renewable materials from Human Touch, a quality brand well-known in the furniture industry. This handcrafted Parawood gives a beautiful look and final finish to ensure the recliner which helps your back does not hurt the eyes.

The fluid design of the zero gravity recliner aids in keeping the body in a neutral position and this position is the most recommended by doctors for those with aches and pains.

So, say goodbye to sore and tense muscles, and overall body fatigue by relaxing on this anti-gravity recliner each evening after work. This handcrafted recliner is perfect for post-surgical recuperation as it has firm support and comes with, smooth, rustproof glide rails.

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