Caravan Sports Infinity Oversized Zero Gravity Chair

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4.5/5 on May 10, 2017

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4,489 reviews


  • An excellent chair that is available at a throwaway price
  • Can support a lot of weight due to its reliable build quality
  • Is light and can be taken outdoors easily



  • Its weight supporting capacity is slightly doubtful because of the price

Want an inexpensive outdoor chair that gives superior comfort and doesn’t get bogged down by weight? Then you ought to take a look at the Caravan Sports Infinity Oversized Zero Gravity Chair. What makes this model different from the others is that it comes with superior weight capacity yet a very friendly price tag. The chances are that you won’t likely think twice before placing an order.

But before you do, take a look at some of its most coveted features. This outdoor chair offers almost everything its other expensive counterparts do. Look wise; the model is quite the stunner with its blue cover that looks beautiful in all lighting conditions. This version is 5.3 inches wider than the standard edition, making it ideal for people on the larger side. The double bungee system reinforces more durability and makes the product practically unbreakable in different kinds of scenarios.

How much weight it can support, you ask? It supports up to a staggering 330 lbs! But the weight capacity is not the only thing it offers; the chair also has a dual finger tip locking mechanism that makes the chair locked in a position that you desire. It also comes with adjustable headrest/lumbar support to give you that ultimate recline experience.

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