Best Zero Gravity Recliner Reviews

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Zero Gravity Recliner

Best Zero Gravity Recliner Reviews

A zero gravity recliner provides a multitude of positive benefits, especially if you regularly suffer from aching joints, back pain, and muscle issues.  Inspired by space flight, anti-gravity chairs provide relief for most and many recliners now look stylish in any living space.

I took a look at a selection of anti-gravity recliners and came up with this list of the best zero gravity recliners. You can see for yourself in these chair reviews which one will suit you (and your back pain) best!

LafumaFutura XL Air Comfort – Zero Gravity Recliner – Black Steel Frame – Acier Air Comfort Fabric


Are you wanting to go to the beach and yet, would like to take your recliner along? If it is your usual recliner, there is no way it is possible. But, if it is the LafumaFutura XL Air Comfort- Zero Gravity recliner, then pack it up and take it along with you.

This is a smart, foldable, and easy to carry recliner comes with a durable black steel frame that gives the chair the strength it needs to accommodate any person in the most comfortable of positions – inside, on the patio and even at the beach.

People invest in recliners just to give their body the comfort it needs, and to ensure that their back, shoulders, arms, and legs get the support it deserves after a day of hard work. LafumaFutura XL Air Comfort – zero gravity recliner has an ergonomic steel frame that one can fold and is portable enough to be thrown into the car. The chair has 20mm (of High Limit Elastic) steel tube frame that gives you firm support.

This recliner comes with ‘Acier Air Comfort’, a fabric that is anti-rot, anti-mildew, and anti-fade. It’s been reported any times that this recliner won’t fade after multiple washes or many summers outside. It is a must-buy for those who require supreme support for their body outdoors.


  • Foldable and adjustable
  • Comes with sturdy black steel frame tube
  • Has anti-UV, anti-rot fabric that is also washable
  • Headrest has great padding


  • There was a user stating problems about the quality of the seams and padding.

Cozzia Dual Power ZG Recliner


The Cozzia Dual Power ZG Recliner, comes in several colors (this one is Ivory) and is one of those recliners that are perfect for those who seek lumbar support. It is truly one of the best in the market, and it comes with all of the essential features you’d expect from a zero gravity chair, plus the recliner comes with superb seating comfort that keeps the total body in relaxation.

After a long day,  when the body requires rest, all that one has to do is adjust the one-touch zero gravity button, and recline to a comfortable position to kick back and end the day right. Moreover, this ivory leather upholstery gives a chic appeal to the room too – as do many of the other color options.

The Cozzia Dual Power ZG Recliner comes with a headrest and is able to hold up to 400 lbs comfortably. The heat therapy system and the vibration massage system allow the body to be soothed and promise a pure relaxation.

One top feature of this recliner is that it gives zero gravity recline along with air cell massage, which is ideal for those who have a problem with breathing or blood circulation. Cozzia has taken care to provide you with a detachable pillow with the chair, alongside arm rests that assure luxury and relaxation to the optimum.


  • One touch zero gravity button is all you need to put your body to rest and relaxation.
  • Removable pillow for smooth recline and better circulation
  • Independently operating footrest and headrest
  • Heat massage and vibration therapy


  • The leather will need to be treated well, and massages with leather conditioner from time-to-time


Fjords London Swing Relaxer Zero Gravity Recliner


Those who know the value of comfort and opulence need to get to know the smart new Fjords London Swing Relaxer Zero Gravity Recliner. The recliner has a smart Norwegian design and Ergonomic Scandinavian Lounge Anti- gravity mechanism to give you utmost comfort. This recliner gives you the promise of a relaxation – and a way to get a fabulous sleep as well as to give your body much-needed rest.

The soft line black leather by Hjellegjerde is so beautiful that it shall look good in any room – and this chair also comes with genuine leather trim. The Fjords London swing relaxer also comes in gray, black, and a soft line gray leather fabrics.

The height adjustable and removable headrest is something that not many recliners offer but comes standard with the Fjords London Anti- Gravity Recliner. The recliner comes in with rocking function too and with adjustable back support in case you need extra features to get you over the line. The gliding mountings, and the strong foam armrests and adjustable features are other highlights worth mentioning.

As a massive bonus, you get home delivery and at home set-up included in the cost of the chair, provided by Fjords London.


  • High-grade strong body of cold cure molded foam
  • Easy to operate adjustable footrest and armrest features
  • Easy to adjust the height of headrest
  • Optional rocking feature
  • Free at home set-up


  • No heat massage feature

Perfect Chair “PC-500 Silhouette” Premium Full Grain Leather Zero Gravity Hand-Crafted Recliner


A recliner is something that every home needs to have. For those who are never home, but spend a lot of time in their office, a Perfect Chair “PC-500 Silhouette” Premium full grain leather recliner is ideal. A quality zero gravity recliner like this is a necessity for those who suffer from backaches and chronic back ailments. This one is chestnut but also comes in other colors to suit any home decor.

This ‘Perfect Chair’ aka recliner is made by using 100% renewable materials. This handcrafted Parawood gives a beautiful look and final finish to ensure the recliner which helps your back does not hurt the eyes.

The fluid design of the zero gravity recliner aids in keeping the body in a neutral position and this position is the most recommended by doctors for those with aches and pains.

So, say goodbye to sore and tense muscles, and overall body fatigue by relaxing on this anti-gravity recliner each evening after work. This handcrafted recliner is perfect for post-surgical recuperation as it has firm support and comes with, smooth, rustproof glide rails.


  • Ergonomic Footrest, armrest, and lumbar support
  • Easy to control with one touch pads
  • Premium leather upholstery to add glamor to the room décor
  • Electric powered recliner


  • Does not have detachable headrest

Perfect Chair “PC-8500” Fully Upholstered 100% Leather PRO Zero Gravity Recliner


The Perfect Chair “PC-8500” Fully Upholstered 100% leather PRO Zero Gravity Recliner,  is something of a dream come true. Having a zero gravity recliner means enjoying a relaxing day or evening to give your back the rest it deserves. And this chair would make the perfect gift to someone special.

Purchasing this 100% leather upholstered PRO Zero Gravity recliner would be ideal for those who demand comfort and style. The recliner comes with adjustable leg and footrest positions and reclines with the built-in one-touch control panel.  The Perfect Chair “PC-8500” recliner comes with 2 personal memory settings and controls that are perfect for anyone who wishes to sit in a particular position for long.

The Perfect Chair “PC-8500” recliner comes with 2 personal memory settings and controls that are perfect for a couple who wish to share the recliner and want to sit in a particular position each time.

The chair also comes with memory foam armrests for those who love to relax with their elbows resting – perhaps while reading a book. The foam coating gives comfort and helps in keeping the blood flow active. The recliner won the “2015 Design Journal’s ADEX Award for Design Excellence,” and this surely means something to those who are keen on buying only quality products.


  • Battery backup safety features help the chair to get back to straight position if there is no power.
  • The soft recliner is ideal for post-surgical conditions and for lumbar issues


  • Takes up more space that some of the other zero gravity recliner options available

Svago Zero Gravity Recliner – Chocolate Butter Touch Bonded Leather


Reclining in the comfort of a Svago Zero Gravity Recliner is something not short of bliss. Tired bones and muscles will thank you after a day of heavy lifting or after long, arduous days at the office. Reclining on this solid stained birch tree wooden chair will be worth the extra money you’ll spend on this fabulous recliner.

What makes a recliner worth the extra pennies? Surely, it has to be the heat therapy with vibration massage, which is essential to give the body the type of massage that it requires. The detachable foam pillow is a plus, and the extended armrests are sure to make the experience heavenly. The control pad will adjust the heat, the reclining features and of course, give the user the comfort of zero gravity suspension.

The kind of amazing feeling you get when relaxing in this chair with all its comforts is superb. Available in a stunning chocolate butter leather trim means it will match most household color pallets.


  • Multi-pulse heat massage with two levels
  • Weight capacity is 300lbs
  • Forward adjustable headrest in the most comfortable angle when needed
  • Independent footrest movement


  • Not available in  an alternative color

Svago Zero Gravity Recliner – Sinfully Soft Premium Leather



Watching a film reclining on the Svago Zero Gravity Recliner and cozying up to the sinfully soft premium leather cover, is surely a welcome weekend therapy you’ll need. A relaxed mind is key to a relaxed body, and a relaxed body is also the key to a relaxed mind. So start the cycle right by choosing to recline in either a black, chocolate or ivory colored premium leather recliner.

The adjustable reclining positions, the adjustable footrest levels, and the zero gravity position will aid your body to cool down, and help in blood circulation and ease your breathing. The in-built control system allows you to elevate the chair in the exact position you need. The extendable armrests are also ideal for supreme comfort in relaxation.

The premium leather body of the recliner is made of a very soft material and once people kick back on the Svago Zero Gravity recliner, they have a hard time getting out of the recliner.

You can place this anti-gravity chair in the living room, bedroom, or study and because of its luxurious upholstered trim, it will be sure to match with any other furnishings. It is perfect for reading, snoozing and watching television. From the articulating head rest to heat massage system, this zero gravity recliner is something that gives comfort to the entire body.


  • Removable pillow
  • Extendable armrest and footrest that is also adjustable
  • Heat and vibration massage system
  • Articulating headrest


  • The higher price tag means it is out of the budget for many


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