Best Zero Gravity Chair Review Guide

Best Zero Gravity Chair Guide
Zero Gravity Chair Reviews

Best Zero Gravity Chair Review Guide

Here is your ultimate guide to buying a zero gravity chair (or as it is sometimes referred to 0 gravity chair, no gravity chair, or often even called an anti-gravity chair). Whatever you know this chair as, I took a look at the benefits of zero gravity chairs, the types of chair options, considerations and a stack of other important information, and came up with this detailed zero gravity buying guide for chairs and recliners.

In this increasingly stressful and fast-paced environment, we’re currently living in; the chances are that you are more than likely busy working for yourself and your family, sometimes even ignoring minor aches and pains in your body. In time though, it’s often the case that we develop more serious aches (e.g. back pain) or injuries when we leave these minor aches untreated. Perhaps if you are reading this guide, that’s because this time has caught up with you, and you’re now searching for answers to help with those twinges? Am I right? Or it is that you just want a stylish and comfortable new chair?

Either way read on.

What Is A Zero Gravity Chair?

First, let’s cover what a zero gravity chair is. Whereas a standard chair is only able to assume a sitting or reclining positions, zero gravity chairs exceed these expectations and limitations. Reproducing the effect of zero gravity, as the name suggests, these 0 gravity chairs will allow you to get maximum benefits, including freedom from muscle pain, emotional stress, back pain, all while being able to relax your lungs and promote healthier breathing patterns.

If you’re already intrigued, we are not surprised – you should be, and best of all the benefits don’t even end there!

Best Zero Gravity Chair_Zero Gravity Position - Zero Gravity Chair Guy

Zero Gravity Position

So, what are zero gravity chairs? Zero gravity chairs (remember they are sometimes known as anti-gravity chairs) can raise blood oxygen levels and circulation, reducing the strain on the heart, helping you achieve maximum relaxation while feeling as light and weightless as a feather.

Just as an astronaut sits in a spacecraft, zero gravity chair can assume the same position to help distribute a user’s weight across the chair.

What Kind of Zero Gravity Chairs are Available?

An anti-gravity chair can be considered an incredibly exciting addition to any household. Designed using anti-gravity technology originally made for astronauts, this item reclines in a multitude of positions and come in several styles.

Zero Gravity Indoor Recliners

Best Zero Gravity Chair Benefits_Perfect Chair Benefits

Why not defy gravity in the comfort of your own home?  These are designed for your living room. And while they look good, they tend to take up a good amount of living space though when they recline. However, if you find yourself lacking the necessary space to always to have it lying around, you can find smaller recliner chairs or ones that are both indoor/outdoor suitable and that fold-up for storage.

If you’re thinking ultimate relaxation, why not think about reading your favorite book or watching TV in your highly fashionable indoor gravity chair? However, don’t blame the chair if you fall asleep in it! Yes, it’s that comfy!

Forming a 120°-130° angle between your abdomen and thighs, these chairs are recommended by reflexologists, hypnotherapists, and psychotherapists, and that’s because they help with both psychological and physical stress. Also, note that the chair is designed to stay indoors. Thus its weight ranged from 36 kg to 45 kg. So, if you’re looking to move this chair, don’t be a hero, just ask for help!

Most recliners come in a variety of colors (brown, green, red, black, cream, gray), so if you are worried about it matching your home, there are plenty of options out there.

Orbital Zero Gravity Chair

Best Orbital Zero Gravity Chair

Orbital recliners are a more stylish choice for those of you who are trying to integrate a new piece of furniture into your garden or living room. Suitable for use outdoors (e.g. patios) or even indoors (due to the unique European design), these chairs will still allow you to fell weightless as if floating in zero gravity.

Unlike the above-mentioned recliners, an orbital zero gravity chair takes up much less space. Also, these anti gravity chairs tend to look more beautiful and are bright eye-catchers.

These chairs are also incredibly easy to transport or store away, without needing to use the whole family in order to move it around each time.

Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Best Zero Gravity Massage Chair Review

We all work extremely stressful jobs, and in today’s marketplace, we are ambushed every day with ideas which are supposed to take that stress away. I’ll introduce you to another product – this time, one that works. An anti-gravity massage chair.

If you’re aiming to have a stimulating massage, a ridiculously cozy chair, all in the comfort of your own home, you have your winner here. Although there are a variety of massage chairs out there, the bottom line is that the 0 zero gravity massage chair helps decrease muscle tension, alleviate stress, all by optimizing circulation and blood flow.

Additionally, this recliner is meant to support the natural “S” shape of the spine, reducing pain between the intervertebral discs in a clear therapeutical way.

Double Zero Gravity Chair / Love Seat Zero Gravity Chair

Best Love Seat Zero Gravity Chair

How would today’s marketplace survive without combining a common item with love? These 2 person chairs are designed to recline with you and your loved sitting side-by-side.

Bear in mind that if you are very easily bothered about the reclining position you want, then this chair might not really be for you, as this 2 person zero gravity chair is meant for two people looking to share the experience.

Nonetheless, something which you will want to be aware of is how a double zero gravity chair can accommodate two people simultaneously.

This means you need to consider the combined weight of yourself and the person you will be sharing it with, as well as the total width of the chair to be sure you both sit in comfort.

On average, a Zero Gravity Loveseat tends to measure around 101 cm in width, and most have a seating width area of around 101 cm as well, so if that is not enough you may want to look at an extra wide zero gravity chair or two smaller ones that alongside each other.

Extra-Large / Oversized Zero Gravity Chair

Best oversized zero gravity chair

Whether you are considering having more space, or maybe your physical size needs extra room, an oversized zero gravity chair might be your solution. Being capable of withstanding a greater weight that most (approximately 300 pounds), an XL anti-gravity chair still hold the incredible benefits previously mentioned about other zero gravity chairs.

Some even feature a detachable tray and foldable sun shade canopy, making this impressive item even more enticing.

Zero Gravity Rocking Chair

Best Zero Gravity Rocking Chair

Designed to be easily transportable to any outdoor event, think barbecue, concert or beach, a zero gravity rocking chair provides the ultimate rock-a-bye comfort, as it’s able to recline in any position you want.

When expanded, its dimensions are around 70 x 26 x 45 inches, whereas when folded 40.5 x 26 x 8 inches, all while supporting weight up to around 300 pounds.

I would not say that this is the best zero gravity chair choice, but it sure is a fun one!

Outdoor Zero Gravity Chair

Best Outdoor Caravan Sports zero gravity chair

An outdoor zero gravity chair is light, portable and often the cheapest. Since it’s designed to be moved around, outdoor models are a lot less feature packed (damn, no outdoors massage) but they still offer the same fantastic health benefits.

Benefits of a Zero Gravity Chair

You now know all about the types of 0 gravity chair styles, but are you clear on what the advantages of owning a zero gravity chair are? Let me explain in more detail:

Reducing The Pressure On Spinal Discs

We are all more than aware that exercising has enormous health benefits. But what actually happens when you are stuck in an office or need to sit in your chair while working from home? Even though you might feel that you have no other choice, the truth is that your spine still needs a break.

Unfortunately, our lifestyles usually don’t allow for such a luxury, as a result, degenerative spinal problems can occur from quite a young age.

The spine is divided into three parts to form an “S” shaped curve. Nonetheless, you may be shocked to learn that you, your work colleagues, children, and other loved ones have adopted a “C” shape over time, especially those who are prone to sitting at a desk for long periods throughout the day.

Interestingly enough, not even standard mattresses are able to alleviate this pressure. Sometimes, even lying flat on a bed doesn’t help, as your body is still subject to pressure.

In these situations, a zero gravity chair comes in handy to provide unparalleled support in order to aid your body to stay in the correct and natural curvature of the spine. This also means that over time you can reduce, or even remove the extreme pressure and pain from your upper and lower back.

Spine Health_Best zero gravity chairs

Good Posture Even when Relaxing

An aspect that most of us overlook is maintaining excellent posture even when doing trivial day-to-day activities. For example, when watching TV or reading a book, you should still be mindful of your spinal position.

If you wish to lean back and relax, an anti-gravity chair comes in very handy to encourage good resting posture. These chairs are designed to follow the natural curves of the spine while providing full lumbar and upper back support.

Decreased Muscle Tension

As mentioned previously, there are also zero gravity chairs which incorporate a massage device. This actually helps the muscles with pumping blood, and this happens by the massage stimulating the blood vessels. By doing this action, the muscles contract and then relax, much like in progressive muscle relaxation.

For example, some recliner chairs come with shiatsu massage therapy, which provides great health benefits for all, especially senior family members. A zero gravity chair can provide extreme relief for those suffering from stiff necks and other muscle related health issues.

Increasing Circulation and Blood Flow

This may surprise you, but when standing up, your heart is working harder since it is fighting against gravity. This happens because the heart needs to make an effort to pump blood from your lower body all the way up to your heart. Lying in a zero gravity chair can help alleviate that pressure on your heart and help increase circulation and blood flow.

Lying in a zero gravity chair can help alleviate that pressure on your heart and help increase circulation and blood flow. You can rest in an 0 gravity chair knowing you are doing your body good!

You can rest in an 0 gravity chair knowing you are doing your body good!

Increased Lung Capacity

The muscles in your lungs become fully expandable when using the chair, allowing the pressure from your spinal cords to be slowly eased. As mentioned before, this means that blood can now oxygenate your body using less energy, thus improving the function of your lungs over time.

This also means that you may be able to work out for longer than before, walk up the stairs without losing your breath, or do any number of other things which you wouldn’t have been able to enjoy previously. No more huffing about, score!

Decreased Emotional Stress

When looking for the benefits of these recliners, this aspect can tend to be overlooked, but I think it’s very important.

The reality is that most people in our fast-paced cultures focus on physical health only, which is obviously a critical part, but neglect that our brains (or our mental health) are actually the ‘control centers’ that call the shots.

Stress is widely known as a silent killer and is considered as a regular part of our society today. Your zero gravity chair can serve as a useful meditation tool, allowing you to take on a relaxing posture and in a way, forcing you to take some quiet time off to relax.

Who is a Zero Gravity Chair Is Suitable For?

Everyone is the short answer. By now you know you want an anti-gravity chair, so let me help you choose the one that meets your needs best.

Zero Gravity Recliner

This specific recliner is designed in such a way so as to remove the pressure from the spine and spinal cords. In other words, by elevating the feet above the heart and reclining the back, there is no more pressure which affects the spine. Instead, the pressure would now be evenly distributed.

For people recovering from back surgery, its 130-degree angle provides great support, and according to NASA researchers, the posture that you adopt with the help of the recliner can correct vertebrae that are incorrectly aligned. It can also help to foster better breathing patterns, better digestion, and an overall healthier circulation.

When it comes to seniors, this increased flow will assist the oxygen to get to where it needs to go quicker and more easily.

A Zero Gravity Recliner is Best For
  • Seniors
  • Post Operative Patients
  • Those With Spinal Issues

Orbital Zero Gravity Chairs

In addition to being a beautiful piece of furniture, the Orbital Zero Gravity Chairs are beneficial for back pain relief. By helping you adopt an ideal posture, any excess pain, and strain and will be reduced.

This recliner is also supposed to provide immense pain relief for people who have had recent surgery, and that’s because it gives your lungs more room to breathe. Also, your legs are raised to lower your blood pressure, so there is nothing which could add any discomfort to your existing injury.

Since this recliner doesn’t actually have a very bulky design like other chairs, it may be easier for elderly people to get back up, which is obviously a big plus.

An Orbital Zero Gravity Chair is Best For
  • Those With High Blood Pressure
  • Anyone Looking For a Stylish Looking Chair
  • Those With Smaller Spaces

Zero Gravity Massage Chairs

People with back pain will find that its soothing massage function is great for targeting their back, lumbar or thighs. How can this be achieved? Well, the five modes of massage and two intensity levels which it has to offer are usually a good indication that you’re in for a treat.

If you have grandparents, you have surely heard of them talking about their muscles and bones hurting all the time! This recliner will provide an intense and incredible massage for older people, without needing to take them out of the house for it.

A Zero Gravity Massage Chair is Best For
  • Seniors
  • Those With Back Issues
  • Anyone With a Stressful Job
  • Those Who Are Too Time Poor to Leave For a Massage

Extra-Large / Oversized Zero Gravity Chair

If you are looking for a relaxing lounge chair that eases away the tension in your back and neck, this chair is great for alleviating back pain. The recliner relieves the pressure in your back muscles, creating the feeling of relaxation.

Since it comes equipped with revocable and adjustable padded headrests, the chair can provide the needed relaxation after a back injury or anyone who’s just had a recent back surgery.

It is also suited the those with a larger frame, allowing you a more spacious seat.

An Oversized Zero Gravity Chair is Best For
  • Those With a Bigger Frame
  • People Who Want to Pack up The Chair & Not Use it Daily

Zero Gravity Rocking Chair

This chair may provide the much-needed relaxation from back pain and pressure. People who suffer from back pain will find this chair extremely helpful. If you’re recovering from back surgery though, be sure to consult your doctor before using this recliner.

Older people will love this classic rocking chair design. This can actually be a great gift idea for both the younger and older generation, as it can bring back incredible childhood memories while promoting mental well-being.

An Zero Gravity Rocking Chair is Best For
  • Seniors
  • Anyone With Mobility Issues

What To Consider When Buying A Top Rated Zero Gravity Chair?

There’s a lot to think about when it comes to your health, but it doesn’t have to be difficult to pick out a zero gravity chair for your spine. Here are some considerations that will make your choice much easier before you go out and buy one.

Chair Weight

The actual weight of your zero gravity chair is undoubtedly important. This means that you need to think about the frame and what it’s made out of. Recliners may use metallic pipes, while massage chairs are a little more heavy duty. Especially if you think you’ll be moving an outdoor chair inside or any of your other chairs around, you need to be sure it’s not too heavy.

How Easy It Is To Relocate To A New Space

This is another thing you’ve got to pay attention to. If your zero gravity chair is too heavy, you won’t be able to move it very easily. Some chairs do transport easier than others and are specially made for transportation if you’re planning on using them in multiple locations.

One of the most important things to consider before you make your purchase then is where you plan on using your chair. Is it for the backyard or meant to be placed in front of the TV?

What you ultimately buy depends on what you plan on using it for, so you should have an idea in mind before you purchase. If you aren’t sure yet though, usually outdoor zero gravity chairs are slightly superior due to how easy they are to move.

Indoor Use: How Much Space Does It Take Up?

When you buy one of these chairs for use indoors, be sure that it can fit properly. Some of them do require quite a bit of space for you to use them, especially if you want to relax in the zero gravity position. That’s because indoor chairs usually are a little bulkier, but they generally have a more stylish and home-ready design.

On top of the improved design you see in lots of indoor chairs, you should also be aware of the added functions. Since they don’t need to withstand weather conditions, these indoor chairs can include massage and heat capabilities.

Outdoor Use: Does It Need To Be Stored Indoors Or Can It Stay Out In The Elements?

Outdoor zero gravity chairs are specifically meant to leave outdoors. They’re made with a powder coating to prevent the rusting of the frame when it’s exposed to the elements. If you’re planning on using your chair by the pool or at the beach more than anything, an outdoor chair is more for you. With that in mind, you also may want to consider these chairs since they are easy to carry and transport.

If you do want to store them indoors, you can, but you don’t have to ultimately. These chairs are meant to remain outside, so you don’t need to worry when it suddenly starts raining, and you didn’t pull the chairs in. If you’d like though, you can use your chair inside thanks to the multiple colors meant to match your house.

Your Weight And Height

Most top rated zero gravity chairs are legitimately designed just for heavier occupants. You shouldn’t have much of a problem since chairs usually support up to 300Ibs, with extra large chairs holding up around 50 more pounds. As always though, check before you buy something that just won’t hold up. A great place to do this is through customer reviews since you can see what other people thought of your chair before you pick it up.

Keep in mind too that your height matters as well. Zero gravity chairs sometimes don’t accommodate taller individuals since you have to lean back. They’ll usually tell you what heights are acceptable for a certain type of chair before you buy. Of course, this does not apply as much to massage chairs, since these types of chairs usually feature body scan technology that scans your body to adjust to your specific body shape.

How Adjustable The Chair Is

Most zero gravity chairs allow for a wide variety of positions. Due to the fact that they’re meant to improve your spine, you can either recline or sit yourself upright. Not all chairs are created equal though, so it’s important to take note of how many positions your chair has and how easily you can adjust it to the angle you’d like with levers and buttons.

Fabric Type

Outdoor chairs usually have a more mesh type of fabric, while a zero gravity massage chair or anti-gravity lounge chair or recliner is generally made of leather, though there are also fabric options. A leather zero gravity chair will need some extra care as with any leather product but will offer you the benefit of easy cleaning.

Ultimately, be sure to get something comfortable that you can sit in for a while.

Zero Gravity Chair Cover Options

Do you need a cover? Be sure to look at the detailed specs for each chair, some 0 gravity chairs do not come with any cover options. Though you may be able to get one made to suit, it may be problematic to do so depending on the chair shape.

Maintenance Required

When it comes to the maintenance you need for your chair, you also need to consider how easy it is to put it together. Thankfully, most of these are fairly simple to set up, and won’t require lots of crazy tools and instructions. Make sure however that it can be set up quickly and that you won’t be feeling more stressed by the time you finally take a seat.

Elastic/Bungee Cords

It is typical to see these elastic cords on outdoor zero gravity chairs or recliners. You’ll want to pay attention to how strong they are, as well as how easily and how often they need to be replaced. When those bungees are worn out, you won’t get the great benefits you bought the chair for.

Price vs. Budget

For the most part, outdoor zero gravity chairs are the cheapest since they are adjusted just based on your sitting position. Depending on the make and model, you can get a really helpful chair for a great price.

Recliners are then cheaper than massage chairs. Save a little money by using a recliner that is fit for outdoors but looks great in your home too. If you really need the massage function, however, how you feel in the long run certainly might outweigh paying just a little more. The price certainly does go up though, so be sure you really need one.

Be warned though, cheap zero gravity chairs are suitable for outdoor use, but if you want a quality indoor zero gravity chair that will last, do not compromise on quality to save a few dollars, or you’ll end up buying a new anti-gravity chair long before you needed to if you spent a little more upfront.


Any time you take a seat, your zero gravity chair should be stable. You won’t tip over or fall down, but you’ll also need proper balance for when you’re lying in the zero gravity position. Proper stability will ensure that you don’t need to crawl to get out of the chair either. All you have to do is sit and stand normally.

Locking System

The whole point of buying one of these chairs is to relax. Falling over in it suddenly is certainly not relaxing! A locking system that’s included allows for your chair to remain properly in place when you take a seat, so you don’t suddenly topple. Of course, it should allow you to still make adjustments and move around when you need to change position too.

Anything Else?

You may be wondering specifically what you can use a zero gravity chair for. It can be used for multiple conditions depending on the person, or you can just use it for everyday comfort. For the most part, though, these chairs help you recover from the effects of gravity. That means that circulation issues, lower back issues, and problems with compressed spines are the main reasons you might buy an anti-gravity chair.

There are simpler reasons to pick up a zero gravity chair too though. Thanks to the improved support for your back, you might find that your sleep quality is better, and your stress levels may even be lower. Of course, this depends on your physical condition, so be sure to look not only at your chair’s features but the best brands for the type of chair you’re searching for.

What Are The Best Zero Gravity Chair Brands To Consider?

There are three main types of Zero Gravity Chairs: indoor, recliner, and massage. Each type works in different ways to help your spine, with different brands that perform the job just a little better than others.

Best Indoor Zero Gravity Chair Brands

Having thebest indoor zero gravity chair means that it not only reclines and keeps you comfortable, but looks great inside too. These types of chairs won’t interrupt your home’s style and will give you a wonderful place to relax.

Svago Recliners

Truthfully, Svago can work as an indoor chair, a recliner, or a massage chair depending on what you might need it for. This brand creates chairs that work with tall individuals while encompassing multiple comforting features. If you can’t decide on what type of chair you need, Svago is your brand.

Human Touch

This chair will look great inside your home while providing you with a stable foundation for comfort. It can be used as a normal recliner of course, but with the balanced feel and the zero gravity position, you’ll want to sit in a Human Touch chair every time you sit down.

Best Zero Gravity Recliner Brands

Reclining Zero Gravity chairs are fairly common, with either manual or electric reclining mechanisms. From brand to brand, you’ll get different features like multiple positions, cushioning, materials, and even drink trays.

Best Choice Products

Aptly named, Best Choice Products creates recliner chairs that give you options that other companies may not provide you. Their chairs work best outside, so they’re durable, and even include loveseats that are comfortable to lie in together.

Lafuma Futura

One of the best brands for travel is Lafuma Futura. You can fold their chairs to take them everywhere, but they’re still well-built and comfortable. There are even multiple lounging positions when you finally do get the chance to sit down.

Caravan Sports

As suggested by the company name of this reclining chair, Caravan Sports makes chairs specifically for any environment. Their chairs are generally portable and comfortable, making them perfect for any outdoor or sporting event. They’re even light and easy to carry around, including locking systems that will ensure that you don’t fall over suddenly when you’re supposed to be relaxing.

Best Zero Gravity Massage Chair Brands

Help your spine in style with a massage chair that still reclines to that zero gravity position. You can get these in many different options, with airbags, heating elements, rollers, and more for a massage that really works well no matter what area you need coverage in.

Kahuna Brand

Kahuna makes a great chair with the LM6800 as an example, offering three zero gravity levels and multiple massage settings. Kahuna works to provide you with exceptionally high levels of comfort without forcing you to spend lots of money to get it. The durability and low power consumption really make these chairs special.

Osaki Brand

Another great brand for massage chairs is Osaki. They create leather chairs that are durable, with smart massage and reclining features. Osaki chairs will detect the curves of your body, make some adjustments, and provide you with improved ergonomics. You’ll get multiple massage modes that can even focus on different parts of the body.

FAQs About The Best Zero Gravity Chairs

You might still have a few more questions when it comes to your zero gravity chair. Now that you’ve got a brand and style in mind, you might be wondering about a few basic things that we haven’t quite covered yet.

Where Can I Find The Best Anti-Gravity Chair Review?

Here. Right here, I have loads of zero gravity chair reviews to help to make choosing the best zero gravity chair, the best zero gravity recliner, best zero gravity massage chair or the best zero gravity caravan chair easier for you!

How Do You Get In And Out Of A Zero Gravity Chair?

This is actually a relatively simple question. I know it might seem like you have to do all these gymnastics to adjust the positioning of your chair before you get up or sit down, but if the chair has the proper stability, you can get in and out just like you normally do. If you have to adjust yourself just to get up and sit down, you might want to look at other types of chairs.

Why Is It Named The Zero Gravity Position?

While a zero gravity chair does not let you float at zero gravity, it does allow you to be in the Zero Gravity Position. This means that you place your legs above your heart level, so you’re reclining horizontally almost. This position was actually developed by NASA to help astronauts with their posture when they’re going into space, fighting off the effects of gravity.

For you, this position allows more comfort by putting your spine in the most relaxed and stable position possible. It’s meant to distribute the weight evenly across your body, calming and relaxing you while helping your spine.

Best Anti-Gravity Chair Sale Sites

Often the best deals can be found online, we suggest Amazon. Great service, clear shipping costs, and a super friendly returns policy. Overall they often have the best price zero gravity chair deals.

Choosing where to buy your family’s zero gravity chairs is key, as you’ll need to be sure whoever you purchase the chair from will offer warranty in case of any unforeseen issues.

Can A Zero Gravity Chair Tip Over Backwards?

If you get a good zero gravity chair, the answer here is no. Chairs that have proper stability are meant to support you without tipping over when you lean backward. Especially if they’re able to lean back into the zero gravity position, they won’t tip over on you.

That being said, the orbital types of zero gravity chairs generally have less stability and aren’t meant for the multiple positions you can take in other chairs. Whether you tip depends on how well-constructed and stable your chair is.

Because all 0 gravity chairs are designed to reduce joint and elevated heart pressure, you really can’t go wrong with whichever type you select. We hope that this guide has helped you find best zero gravity chair on the market – and you found one to suit your needs.

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